About Us

Our Story

This whole crazy adventure started off years ago as a joke during some late-night sessions in the office. Was it exhaustion from the day or a dream for a different opportunity? That dream never faded for us, a constant ‘what if…’ in the back of our minds has led us to start BIM Technology Management. Being able to focus on our passion for BIM, and the desire to share that passion with others gave us the energy to push forward. From helping small firms get to their “Ah hah!” moment, to supporting large firms with new ideas and points of view, is what drives us. Being involved with design and construction firms embracing and becoming champions of BIM in the Milwaukee and Boise area is very exciting!  That old cliché saying “Do something you love, and you will never work another day in your life” applies to us, we truly love BIM and helping people do it.


Jeff Drews

Co-Founder & President

Jeff has served as a BIM manager for the better part of the last decade. Serving as a BIM/VDC Manager for an electrical sub-contractor for the last five. He has always had a passion for BIM always trying to push the boundaries of what can be done, thinking outside of the box as far as how its being used, and looking for efficiencies wherever they can be had. He has been a BIM manager for Architects, Engineers, sub-contractors, creating departments and processes from scratch and stepping into existing chaotic BIM departments and turning them into successful, thriving BIM departments. Jeff enjoys the challenge of trying to put this BIM puzzle together.

Jared Sutliff

Co-Founder & Vice President

Jared has been involved in the commercial construction industry for over 12 years and the last 5 have been as a BIM project lead for an electrical sub-contractor. With a background and passion for art and design, Jared is able to dive into any project and provide a fresh perspective. Well versed in electrical modeling, clash detection, coordination and training. He enjoys asking questions that inspire new ideas and ways of thinking, while maintaining quality and standards for every project he comes across.

Keli sue Drews

Co-Founder & Controller

Keli graduated with the top of her class with an Associate's Degree in Accounting in 2016. She has worked mostly in the construction industry with experience in nearly all areas of the accounting department.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to use cutting-edge technology to fundamentally improve how projects are managed before, during, and after construction. 

BIMTM was founded in 2021 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Using our knowledge and expertise we help our clients deliver an out-of-the-box approach to implement and optimize BIM to enable efficient design, operations, and function.

Delivering proven BIM service benefits to clients and providing enhanced project design creates value for our customers. These services are delivered on time, to spec, and on budget. With a focus on complete design optimization, conflict reduction, error minimization, and simplicity, we provide results that yield better decisions and optimal designs.

Who We Are

Core Values

To BIMTM our core values are less about what we offer and more about who we are, it’s what we stand for and the real purpose behind us, we have chosen these core values as a reminder for us to make the best decisions for us.


Originality to us means being authentic to who we are and what we do. We want to be the next best thing, not imitating anyone else. We are always pushing ourselves and the boundaries of what can be done. Move the line, raise the bar, make it fun.


We want to take on new challenges and grow by sharing the knowledge we’ve gained separately and together. Through hard work, dedication, learning from mistakes, teaching others, and stepping out of our comfort zones, we can empower those around us.


We believe that every individual can lead to the transformation of the community. Even small acts of kindness can have a lasting effect - being involved with local charities, neighborhood activities, and supporting local small businesses, we can help build everyone up.


Within our own team, working with our clients or in our personal lives, we are in this together. The culture we strive for involves collaboration, respect, teamwork, honesty, and loyalty. Being a team allows us to leverage each other’s strengths as we work through the challenges that will come before us.

"The solutions and content you provided for myself and our team enabled us to drive our organization to the forefront of BIM in our field."

Joseph Hammes
PMP Site Planning Solutions Manager (Ret.)

Who We Serve

We serve clients such as:
  • Architectural and engineering firms
  • Construction management services
  • Electrical, Telecom, Mechanical,  and Plumbing subcontractors
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Manufacturers
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" It would be hard to find more knowledgeable people that have such a passion for this work, and who clearly enjoy sharing their vast experience and knowledge in a training environment."

Kevin Kasinski
BIM Manager - Staff Electric