Bridging the BIM Knowledge Gap, A Worth & Co Success Story

What Is BIM?

Autodesk defines BIM as: Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the holistic process of creating and managing information for a built asset. Based on an intelligent model and enabled by a cloud platform, BIM integrates structured, multi-disciplinary data to produce a digital representation of an asset across its lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operations.

Bridging the BIM Knowledge Gap, A Worth & Co Success Story

Written by: Amanda Rahfaldt

Through our connections with EVOLVE MEP, BIMTM was introduced to Worth & Co, a full-service mechanical contractor in the Mid-Atlantic region, experienced in Mechanical (HVAC/Plumbing) Construction, Design-Build Construction, Design-Assist, Industrial Construction, and Preventative Maintenance Service /Repairs. The company’s proven reputation is earned through years of outstanding customer service, hard work, and commitment to customers and the mechanical industry, but that can only get you so far.  In 2023 companies like Worth & Co. Are finding that even with a proven track record and a line of successes and awards, they were lacking in their BIM knowledge.

Here is where BIMTM steps in.

BIMTM offers partners like Worth & Co tailored BIM services and a wealth of expertise in many categories like prefab, scanning to BIM and VDC MEP coordination, but did you know we also provide training? Whether it’s face-to-face or virtual, tailored to an individual or a team, our strategic BIM training caters to all skill levels. For those looking to “jump-start” their BIM program, BIMTM offers Initial Revit Training with a tailored emphasis in Mechanical, Plumbing, or Electrical systems.

Our expertise and flexibility become evident as we delve deep into your chosen subjects. We create instructive training videos and construct comprehensive new employee orientation programs – all seamlessly tailored to your established workflows and software platforms.

Our very own Alex Hanna had the privilege of visiting Worth & Co and sitting down with Jon Harding the Director of Virtual Design & Construction, to get a few words on his experience with BIMTM, the trainings, and his team’s relationship with BIM.

Hanna: How do you feel about hiring BIMTM?

Harding: BIMTM was recommended to us through a conversation with EVOLVE, we met Jeff with some of the EVOLVE folks coming out here to talk about foresight and what we’re implementing in shop. It made definite sense for us to take advantage of some of the tools that are out there and what we need to reinforce our Revit knowledge. We met with Jeff, and we were introduced to Alex Hanna, we worked back and forth before they got on site and developed a good approach to a training plan. They were able to walk us through it, talk us through the pros and cons and tweak as we went. It worked out really well.

Hanna: What do you think the response was from your team?

Harding: I think it was a mixed bag going into training, we had some folks on board who were more advanced than others, so we had both ends of the spectrum, some beginners, intermediates, and some guys who have been using it for a while. I think there was one end of the spectrum with some excitement and the other with some terror, fear and horror. Overall, everyone got something out of it. I think it’s evident that the guys that were proficient are now flying -off to the races. I know there’s definite improvement in the guys with very little knowledge going in. That’s good to see.

Hanna: What is something you’d say if you were to say a positive thing about the training?

Harding: The most positive thing about the training is that I think the group now gets it, they get the benefits behind it. I think a lot of people were unsure before they went in. I think that sitting everyone down in a room and getting everyone leveled out, a lot of the fear has gone away. I think that’s a big, big positive.

Hanna: How is your experience working with BIMTM?

Harding: Pretty good, very easy to deal with, I thought the caliber of the training was excellent. I thought the material we covered was excellent. Overall, very positive.

Hanna: Do you recommend to other people?

Harding: Absolutely. In a heartbeat.

Thank you to Worth & Co, Jon Harding and the participants who took our training, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with you. “I could tell they improved even after one day, they were a sharp group. It was rewarding to see their progress, I think they will see great results in the long run too” says Hanna recalling his time with Worth & Co.

For more information on what is all included in our trainings book a general info call here. Do not see a training you were hoping to take? We are working to expand our training options for the future. Stay tuned…

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