Making the most of your model.

Prefabrication and Modular construction are the future of the industry. Let BIMTM guide you on your prefab journey and help you to make the most of your model.

Custom Prefab Solutions

Want to provide information from your BIM model to your shop but not sure where to begin? BIMTM offers custom prefab solutions including Revit families, catalog creation, Excel extractions for shop stickers, and more. Let us help you utilize all of the efforts that go into modeling, and coordinating a model for easier construction.

Trust An Expert!

If it isn't easy to understand and build from it isn't going to be used. You can count on us because we have been successfully implementing prefab workflows for years.

Prefab Detailing and Spool Drawings - Need An Extra Hand?

Already have standards but need some help producing drawings to keep up with your shop’s demands? If you don’t have your own standards but you want us to spool up some drawings with BIMTM’s families and drawing standards, we can handle that for you.

Why Us?

BIMTM’s expert staff has been creating and successfully implementing Electrical prefab solutions for years. We have worked alongside our field teams and shop managers to develop and understand their needs and how to deliver in an efficient way.