VDC MEP Coordination

A service that benefits the team and project as one unit, not separate.

BIMTM has tackled a wide variety of projects – healthcare, industrial, residential, high-rise, entertainment, education – ranging from fairly small to large, multi building facilities. Our ability to mediate and work with everyone provides a service that benefits the team and project as one unit, not separate.

Coordination Services

General Contractor Coordination Services

With our years of experience being on both sides of coordination efforts, we understand how important coordination meetings are for the success of a project. Preplanning is an important step to get all trades on board with a clear direction from the start. Clear communication, construction schedules, sign-off schedules, project milestones, and clear expectations in the BIM execution plan can directly contribute to the success of a project.

Being an independent mediator can help eliminate any bias that may come from a specific trade running the coordination meetings. Being well versed in setting up and managing clash detection models, we can work side by side with you, or for you to ensure the project requirements for coordination are being met and pushing the subs to hit their scheduled milestones. Being the mediator between the subs and the design team we can push for changes and bring up issues by formally submitting and tracking RFI's.

MEP Coordination Services

We are very well-rounded in our MEP coordination abilities, yet our specialty lies in electrical systems. Representing you in coordination meetings, we will fight for the space you need for your systems. We will work alongside your PM and/or foreman from the start. Using marked-up drawings from your team will give us a head start on coordination while creating a collaborative environment. We will provide review drawings as coordination progresses. This allows for feedback on what needs to change and where, while giving your foreman a visual of the installation. Once coordination is completed, these foreman-approved drawings make transitioning to fabrication detailing a smoother process. Having us work alongside your team on a project provides a point of contact for your field team for RTS points, coordination drawings, model viewing assistance, and any other questions that come along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Design and Construction is a collaboration between many different disciplines and people. The ultimate goal is to have a digital representation of the project that mimics the physical building AND intelligent information can be extracted and used to the advantage of the client. Utilizing VDC from the start of a project helps translate information to and from the owner, architect, designers, general contractor, subcontractor, and so on. Having the construction teams involved early better informs the design so construction challenges can be dealt with well before construction begins, saving time, money, and many headaches.

Not always. The decision to create a BIM model starts with the GC/owner. Some designers do not use 3D programs for their designs, and conversion from 2D to 3D would take place with the trade selected. Oftentimes, the designers create BIM models completely separate from the other disciplines, resulting in designing systems in the same spaces, causing many conflicts for the coordinators to iron out. Additionally, since BIM is so custom to each firm, there will be gaps in the information that would need to be redone for the production of prefabrication materials.

Being in the commercial construction industry for our entire careers, we have an understanding of how all of the systems work together and the space required for installation. We worked for an electrical subcontractor for the last 5 years learning from the design and field team about electrical code requirements, what is useful on the drawings, space requirements, and what was needed to have an efficient installation, among others. Our involvement with the field team helped build a system that worked throughout the duration of the project, ensuring the coordination efforts were put to good use. We specialize in Electrical Design and Coordination and know what it takes to model to a prefabrication level. We have developed custom, smart families, that bridged the gap between design, coordination, and prefabrication. Developing department standards for training, project setup, coordination, drawings, and prefab increased our department efficiencies drastically. We bring those skills to what we do every day.